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  • BA Theology and Religious Studies (TRS)


       The Theology and Religious Studies Faculty is the heart of the college.   Students focus on Vaishnavism, especially as represented through the teachings of A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. The college attracts leading scholars in ISKCON and the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies.

    The Bachelor of Arts degree, accredited by Chester University, provides students with a profound understanding of the Vaishnava culture, heritage, and theology, from traditional and academic perspectives.

    Graduates enter professions linked to ISKCON, academia, and a range of ethical, multicultural, and people-centred initiatives. The Theology Faculty also offers a range of enrichment courses, with online options.

    Programme dates and deadline

    Duration 3 years (7 years part-time)
    Starting date Summer 2016
    Deadline for admission 15th of June


    Programme Fee €3,500/year
    Accommodation Ashrama Accommodation - €1,200/year
    Food Meals - €1,300/year
  • Kirtan Course

    Students of the kirtan course

    The yuga-dharma for this age is kirtanad eva krsnasya (Bhag. 12.3.51): kirtan of Krishna’s holy names. Thus it is important and relevant to teach people (in ISKCON and society in general) about kirtan.

    Over a period of three months the course will be facilitated by qualified kirtaniyas. The course covers the history, theory and practice of kirtan (singing, harmonium, karatals and mrdanga).

    Vision statement The Kirtan Course prepares students for a genuine kirtan experience, which they can have again and again and also impart to others.

    Programme dates and deadline

    Duration 2 months
    Dates 05/06/2017 - 31/07/2017 - (Every summertime)
    Deadline for admission Course starting date


    Programme fee Tuition - €888
    Accommodation Temple ashram - €350 College building single room - €450 College building studio - €900
    Food Temple kitchen (three meals daily) - €350
  • Transcedental Art Seminar


               Transcedental Art Seminar is biennial program. Next one is provisionally scheduled for summertime 2017. This is an intensive art seminar: to get a complete experience of art and to produce a painting. All levels of advancement are welcome.

    The morning classes: studying the figure, life drawing from a model, color, oil painting procedure, portrait painting, painting from life, composition, values, landscape, painting the landscape from nature, principles of transcendental figures, and the study of cloth, tone, and values.

    The afternoon classes: developing and creating original transcendental painting. The instructors will be painting alongside their students, so everyone can observe the process. Personal instruction will be given to students to guide and develop their artistic abilities.

    Programme dates and deadline

    Duration 2 weeks
    Starting date Summer 2017 (to be confirmed)
    Deadline for admission Course starting date


    Programme Fee Tuition – €200
    Accommodation Temple ashram - €350 College building single room - €400 Guesthouse (room for three) - €450 College building studio - €475


  • BA Theology and Religious Studies (TRS)


    Many potential students have expressed interest and desire to participate in the College courses, but due to geographical and personal reasons, many of them are not able to benefit from this educational offering.

    Hence, the Theology and Religious Studies faculty, with the purpose of addressing this educational need, is expanding its offering with a Distance Learning campus.

    Online teaching will include real-time (synchronous) and anytime-anywhere (asynchronous) interactions. Lectures and seminars onsite will be video or audio recorded; within 24 hours the recordings will be available in the moodle environment.

    During the two and half years of online delivery of non-accredited courses, with more than 400 students, we developed elaborate synchronous methods of teaching.

    Programme dates and deadline

    Duration 3 years (7 years part-time)
    Starting date 03 August 2016 / Auditing rolling
    Deadline for admission 27th of July


    Programme Fee €2,490/year


  • Bhakti Sastri PLUS


    Are you already familiar with some of the foundational texts and practices of bhakti, and want to systematically study AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada's books?

    Are you seeking quality association with devotees from various backgrounds and experience levels?

    Do you feel the need to deepen your connection with Krishna, and to broaden your understanding of his instructions?

    Are you looking for a real spiritual immersion and transformation, without changing your external circumstances?

    This Online Bhakti Sastri course aims at all this - and more.

    Programme details

    Duration 12 months (6 modules)
    Starting date Rolling


    Complete Bhakti Sastri program (save 15%) €505
    Each module €99
  • ISKCON GBC Disciples Course


    The ISKCON Disciples Course is a training program which deepens devotees understanding of guru tattva and guru padasraya within the multiple guru environment of ISKCON.

    Designed for new devotees preparing to take initiation in ISKCON, the course is also recommended for leaders, preachers councilors and educators in ISKCON. The course was developed under the direction of the Guru Services Committee, with the combined efforts of leading educators in ISKCON.

    The course is based on the teachings of Srila Prabhupada and current ISKCON Law and gives reference to the writings from the broader Gaudiya Vaisnava tradition. The 14 lessons include Powerpoint presentations, interactive workshops and assessment exercises.

    Programme dates and deadline

    Duration 7 weeks
    Next Course 08/05/2017 - 25/06/2017
    Deadline for admission 7 days into the course


    Standard price €49
    In combination with Introduction to Bhakti Yoga €98
    For those who don't have a regular source of income €39
    Self-study model €49
  • Introduction to Bhakti-yoga (Bhakta Program)


    Millions of people are practicing asanas and doing breathing exercises, so this course is about a way to understand the philosophy behind yoga.

    What is bhakti yoga?

    Bhakti yoga is also known as yoga of devotion or yoga of love. Yoga means to connect and bhakti refers to unconditional love for the Supreme Lord. This love is dormant in the heart of every person, and is the source of greatest happiness.

    Nowadays, millions of people are practicing asanas and doing breathing exercises. There is a growing need to understand what is the philosophy behind yoga. This need is fulfilled through teachings of bhakti yoga, since this yoga is the final step on the yoga ladder, the culmination of all other yoga practices. It leads to the highest perfection of of prema - love of God, and enables the soul to return back to its original position in the spiritual realm.

    Programme details

    Duration 6 weeks
    Starting date September 2016 (to be confirmed)


    Standard price €79
    In combination with ISKCON disciple course €98


  • Thematic Bhagavad Gita


    This course departs from the chronological approach of studying sastra. Looking at the main topics of the Gita gives a new and fresh glimpse into the most important bhakti-sastra and allows the student gaining a deeper understanding of the development of Krsna’s argument in the conversation with Arjuna.

    We observe how many topics come back as a boomerang in the Gita and are shown from new perspectives in order to allow us understand better the process of Krsna-Consciousness.

    Some of the topics are worth looking at them more closely as they equip us with knowledge that allows a better comprehension of the world itself and provide us with the needed instruments in order to convey the message to others.

    Programme details

    Duration 24 weeks
    Dates January 2017
    Fee €99


  • Bhaktivaibhava Padapadma (Canto 1 )


    The Bhaktivaibhava Course is based on the methodology developed by Vaishnava Training and Education team of devotees and has been shaped to suit on-line teaching requirements.

    There are six Modules covering six Cantos of Srimad Bhagavatam. After completing each Module the students will receive Certificate of Attendance and after completing all Six Cantos the students will receive Bhaktivaibhava title and Certificate of Completing Bhaktivaibhava Course issued by Bhaktivedanta College.

    The first Module of the Bhaktivaibhava Course is covering Canto 1 of Srimad Bhagavatam takes 24 weeks and is divided into two parts. During 24 weeks we will explore the topics presented in the First Canto of Srimad Bhagavatam.

    Programme details

    Duration 24 weeks
    Starting date January 2017
    Fee €399


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