12 Aims of Sastric Study

Each Aim for sastric study is expressed in a few words as follows. Each aim has corresponding objectives. Each aim is also denoted by a two or three letter code, as shown below. Students should try to memorize these codes.


To help students memorise and recall the (theoretical) knowledge which forms the foundation of their ongoing progress in Krishna Consciousness.

To deepen students’ understanding of the Krishna consciousness theology, particularly through studying it from a wide range of perspectives and through developing thoughtfulness and introspection.

To help students apply the Krishna Consciousness theology, with reference to:

  • their external practices;
  • their inner development;

and to help them develop appropriate Vaishnava qualities and behavior.

To enhance devotees’ desire and ability to preach effectively.


To help build and maintain students’ faith and conviction in:

  • the process of Krishna consciousness;
  • the sastra as its foundation.

To simultaneously cultivate within devotees:

  • wholehearted acceptance of the spiritual authority of shastra;
  • a mood of open and honest inquiry and a desire to factually understand and realise the import of Vedic knowledge.

To help create learned Vaishnava theologians who are experts in assisting the Society through the application of sastric knowledge to a wide range of personal, social, moral, topical and theological issues.

To develop students’ analytical, interpretative and evaluative skills, particularly in respect of the practical application of sastric knowledge.


To facilitate devotees in:

  • understanding and appreciating the mood and mission of Srila Prabhupada;
  • perpetuating that understanding within the Society and its members.

To ensure that devotes develop moral and academic integrity in the interpretation, evaluation and application of sastric knowledge.

To encourage students to take responsibility for their learning and develop healthy study habits by:

  • enhancing their desire to study Srila Prabhupada’s books (particularly by nurturing their appreciation of shastra and shastric study, and by demonstrating shastra’s relevance to everyday life);
  • equipping them with the appropriate learning skills.

To equip students with the ability to see through the eyes of shastra, and with a Krishna conscious worldview. Ultimately, to assist the students in realising scripture, and in seeing Krishna, at all times and in all places.

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