Applied Education: Visit to Den-Haag

jalaIn May, eight students went to a three-day program in Den-Haag, because a key part of their education is applying the theoretical knowledge from their courses. Students learn how to speak in public, give presentations, and explain philosophy. So when there is an opportunity to meet new audiences, everyone feels enthusiastic.

In February, some students had already visited Den-Haag, and the local devotees invited more students to return for the three-day program in mid-May. The students enjoyed every moment of the many events in May.

On the first day, Jayadharma Dasa and his wife, Natasha, the main organizers, warmly received the students at their home and provided places for them to relax before the Sunday Feast. The Den-Haag ISKCON center houses Deities of Sita-Rama, Laxmana and Hanuman. Gaura-Hari, a first-year student from India, gave a Bhagavad-gita class, which was followed by forty minutes of chanting (kirtan) by students. After the program, devotees took their instruments and kirtan to a beach. While chanting at sunset, the devotees were joined by various people.