Granting an extension to the deadline

For extension of the deadline for taking the final exam, a tutor can approve maximum 2 weeks of extension based on reasons student provide in the extension form. It is not possible to give the extension for weekly assessments, but only for final assessment/s. This doesn’t apply to Introduction to Yoga Philosophy course which doesn’t have a final exam, but only weekly assignments. Extension form is available upon request and it should be sent by email directly to the secretary. The extension request must be sent AT LEAST 3 DAYS IN ADVANCE of the deadline.

Requests for an extension are considered by the tutor, who will only grant an extension if there is a good basis for it. Claims should be accompanied by a valid medical certificate or other valid certified evidence. The tutor should agree and confirm the new deadline date for the student by email. Failure to do the final assessment before the deadline calls for the application of ‘Second attempt’ policy.

Examples of Acceptable Evidence in Support of an Extension

Extensions will only be granted in exceptional circumstances. We are unable to make allowances for minor illnesses. You are expected to plan your work and allow leeway to cope with minor misfortunes. Notes/letters from a doctor or nurse stating that the illness/ailment ‘may have an impact’ or which state ‘the patient informs me’ will not normally be accepted as valid evidence.

Practical Problems
The tutor will not take account of events such as car breakdowns, public transport delays, and computer breakdowns. For a submission deadline or an exam, you must allow extra time in the case such things happen. It is up to you to back up work on your computer.
One exception is a failure of Bhaktivedanta College Online Campus web-site. However, the failure has to be substantial, very close to the deadline, and documented by our technical department.

Other Obstacles
Students can face other obstacles while preparing for taking the final exam. If that is the case, it is up to the tutor to decide if the reason given by the student is acceptable for granting the extension or not.

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