How to submit/give your presentation

Although online studies offer many benefits, one of the challenges of online studying in general is in achieving sufficient interaction with others and cultivating verbal proficiency and skill in presenting relevant topics. Speaking more specifically in relation to our studies, there is both theological, personal, social and spiritual significance in our endeavor to present the message of Bhagavatam verbally. Srila Prabhupada doubtlessly wanted it, and he went to length to train his disciples how to present it. As ISKCON and in general as contemporary Vaishnavas, we are inescapably meeting a need to present the teachings of Krishna in a relevant and empowered way to both intelligentsia and the masses. Therefore it is essential for us to make an endeavor and do at least two short 10-20 minute presentation per Canto.

How to do it:

o assemble students for an online presentation (skype etc)
o present locally at your center/ temple/ sanga and send us the recording
o present on a radio/ tv/ newspaper and send us links
o present locally at Radhadesh
o one can record Power Point presentation
o one can do home video presentation and send the youtube/vimeo link
o record webinar session and provide the link

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