Is the rule from the student guidelines regarding the dress code applicable to Kirtan Course students?

This is written in the Student Handbook:

“Public behaviour and dress code

To wear devotional attire in the temple and in the classroom (for women, gopi skirt and sari; for men, kurta and dhoti, or exceptionally, yogi pants). At other times, more casual attire may be acceptable if it is neat, clean, and modest (i.e. attire that does not call unnecessary attention to the body). For men, to keep their hair short (if not shaven) and faces shaved. To develop an awareness of local customs and sensitivities and to be careful not to offend neighbours and villagers.”

The idea is to keep the dressing code as much in sync with spiritually aspiring community. The main point is to wear clothes which are not focusing one’s attention to the body (uncovering the body in an inappropriate way). Some common sense should be applied.