Other than scholarship, are there any other ways to find financial support for my studies?

Before applying for the scholarship, we strongly recommend to explore different possibilities which in many cases proved to be successful:
– Most devotees are closely affiliated with a temple and most temples will make an arrangement for the devotee to borrow or will even sponsor the devotee’s studies, knowing that their yatra will in the long run benefit when the devotee returns. If the circumstances are favorable, prospective student can approach the leader of his/her temple, or even higher ISKCON instances connected with the place of living.
– There might be devotees in the local or wider community who would be willing to personally sponsor the studies of a devotee. Prospective student is encouraged to think about the possible close persons who might be interested to support him/her while studying.
– There is an option for doing some type of work at the College in order to pay for the courses. For this option, you first have to become a student of the College and in personal interaction we can see if there is a possibility to engage some of your abilities.