Refund for any online module or full program (like Bhakti Sastri PLUS) is possible only during the first 7 days of the module. To request a refund, please contact our secretary at In the case of courses which are bought in a combo, the refund is possible only at the beginning of the first course from the combo. For self-study courses refund is possible during the first 7 days from the date of the payment.

Another option is to postpone the studies for a later date which is also possible only during the first week of the course. For more info on postponing, please follow this link.

After 7 days, if we don’t get any statement from the student, it is considered that s/he has taken the course and refund or transferring is not possible anymore.

Those who need to or want to take the whole course again at a later time can do so after following the second attempt or attendance policy.


Those who started their studies before November 26th 2015 fall within the old refund policies:

If students who sign up for a particular online module or complete program are unable to take up the module due to some unavoidable circumstance, they should communicate with the online course administrator via email. During the first week of any online module it is possible to request transfer to the same module on the next scheduled delivery, free of charge. Changes after seven days are not possible without paying administrative fee of 50% from the tuition fee of a particular module. In general full program payments (Bhakti Sastri) are not refundable since they are discounted.

We will give a 100% refund on cancellations in the first week of the course. We will give a 30% refund if after the first week you decide you don’t want to continue for any reason. After the first week we can discuss a refund, or transfer you to a later course under special circumstances, such as illness. It is our policy to extend the greatest possible flexibility to students under these circumstances.