What are the students doing after graduation?

There are various prospects for graduates. Read more:

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According to the University of Chester, is it possible for holders of a Bachelor’s degree in Theology and Religious studies from Bhaktivedanta College to pursue postgraduate studies in a discipline other than theology or religious studies?

There is no straightforward, universal answer to this question. While some institutions or programmes will regard the Bachelor’s degree in Theology suitable, others will not necessarily do so, but will require subject-specific foundational studies. While Theology or Religious studies BA/BTh will demonstrate a good level of education and required academic ability, many programs will have subject-specific entry requirements. So it is best to make enquiries about specific programs at the institution where you plan to enroll.

Our graduates have pursued their careers in a variety of different directions: some continued postgraduate studies in different disciplines like Hinduism, Education, Social and Political Sciences, etc…, some are working as teachers, some have taken positions in ISKCON temples and other related institutions, some have taken on other engagements,… You can find reports of graduates on our website.

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