What is the difference between VTE accreditation and the Bhaktivedanta College certificate?

The VTE accreditation refers only to the Bhakti Sastri program, not the Certificate in Bhakti-yoga Studies course. The VTE certificate is your official Bhakti Sastri certificate issued by BOEX (the ISKCON Board of Examination). The diploma you will receive from Bhaktivedanta College upon finishing your studies confirms that you have taken the course, but is not the Bhakti Sastri certificate. To receive the Bhakti Sastri certificate you will have to provide a letter of recommendation from one of your local ISKCON representatives, confirming that you chant sixteen rounds, follow the four regulative principles and are positively engaged in Sri Caitanya’s sankirtana mission. We’ll ask you for the recommendation letter and a completed VTE Application Form after you enroll in the course. You also have to take closed-book exams in the ISKCON center nearest you under the supervision of a devotee.