What to bring for the seminar?

Everyone must have:

– Personal portable easel (usually available in lightweight aluminium) very important!

– Brushes assorted Bristol or synthetic  flat or filbert # 2 # 4 # 6 # 8 # 10 (at least these , or any others you might like as well)

– Synthetic rounds # 2 # 4

– drawing pad  11×14 . And another large sketch paper pad 18×24

– Pencils 6B or softer, any other materials for drawing, charcoal, conte crayon eraser etc.

– One pad of tracing paper at least 11×14. Container for turpentine, rags or paper towels for painting and cleaning brushes.

Paints, turpentine, and canvas will be provided.

A digital camera or phone camera is very advisable as we will be learning how to take reference photos. I recommended to all students to do a copy of an existing BBT painting before attending class to get familiar with the type of painting we will be doing and doing drawings of Srila Prabhupada and other figures.

Please begin thinking of a painting you would like to do during the class. A simple one figure, perhaps of Krishna is suggested, the time is limited so keep it simple. You can also begin some idea sketches for this class in preparation. If anyone prefers to do a copy of an existing Krishna painting, that’s fine, we will help anyone at their existing level.

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