Graduation Day at Bhaktivedanta College

Recently, Bhaktivedanta College ended the academic year 2007-08, its sixth year of operation since opening in September 2002. This year, twenty-five students from sixteen countries took its Ministerial Programme. Seven students completed their third year of studies and received Bachelor of Theology degrees. All seven graduates will be engaged in Krsna’s service. Four of them, in parallel with their devotional service, will pursue a Master’s degree.

In the picture are six of the seven graduates and the College Principal: Kalindi Dasi, Jaya Bhadra Dasi, Lilasuka Dasa, Yadunandana Dasa (Principal), Aravindaksa Dasa, Bhaktavasa Govinda Dasa and Dinadayal Dasa (kneeling); Bhakti Rasa Dasa (not pictured).

Four guests of honour attended the intimate and joyful graduation ceremony. Dr. Minna Skuhl represented the University of Wales Lampeter; Prahladananda Maharaja attended in his role as Sannyasa Minister; Laksmimani Dasi. the Dean of Students, represented the Ministry of Educational Development; and Hrdaya Caitanya Dasa addressed the attendees in his role as temple president of Radhadesh and a GBC of Benelux. The guests congratulated the students for their results.

The students and staff members were satisfied with the results of the academic year. It was another year of hard work, but smiling faces could be seen everywhere on the graduation day. The students relished their results, the fact that the year was over, and the experiences they had during the year.

Yadunandana Prabhu, the Principal of Bhaktivedanta College, said in his welcome address that the first-year students this year were the best ever in their academic performance.

Students were especially enthusiastic about harinamas, the book distribution days, and the practical application of their knowledge at preaching programmes. The students this year took responsibility for a preaching programme at a namahatta centre in Namur, Belgium.

New devotees from North and South America, South Africa, India, Taiwan, Iran, ex-Soviet Union countries, and western European countries applied for the next school year at the college. Thirty to thirty-five students will attend the three levels of courses. Studying our own tradition in a spiritual environment with devotee-teachers is the main motivation for devotees to attend Bhaktivedanta College.