• DATES: 16/05/2022 – 19/06/2022



  • LECTURES: 32 (38 VIDEOS)


We all experience that the quality of our relationships affects the quality of our lives, especially the relationship with our spouse. To have a happy and inspiring marriage it is important to have dedication but also certain skills which can be learned and practised. This course will help you with that!


Course Summary

There are so many problems in life. Sometimes it may seem that marriage increases them! But if we can understand that this relationship gives us so many opportunities to figure out how to utilize everything in Krishna’s service, those lessons will become so valuable to us. As our anarthas transform by practically applying loving dealings into our relationships with devotees, our hearts will be gradually freed of material conditioning. How to do that, is the subject matter of this course. It is designed to help you develop insights and skills for having a more meaningful marriage.

Weekly Schedule

This course is made of six weeks of teaching and two additional weeks to prepare for and take the final exam.

Topics for this week include:
– Definition of principles, values, and paradigms
– Marriage in ISKCON
– 12 principles and values behind a Krishna conscious family life
– Misapplication of 12 principles
– Simulations to learn from
Topics for this week include:
– Cultural norms
– Roles of husband and wife
– Gender differences and expectations
– Learning to understand and respect the differences
Topics for this week include:
– Marriage map
– Healthy communication
– Undermining conversation
– Speaker-listener technique
– Learning to repair the communication
Topics for this week include:
– Affection in marriage
– Healthy attitudes on intimacy
– Managing conflict
– Abuse
– Conflict resolution styles
– Four horsemen of the marital apocalypse
– Ground rules for a great relationship
Topics for this week include:
– Behaviour patterns and skills of healthy families
– Needs of children
– Parenting styles
– Good discipline
– The seven habits of highly effective families
– Lifestyle analysis
– Tips for maintaining a balanced Krishna conscious lifestyle
– Values pyramid
– Shared meaning


All assessment is done online at a time convenient for the student.

  • Weekly question(s) – are answered in the course forum where the interaction with the teacher is happening throughout the course.
  • One test and one quiz – on most important points to check your understanding.
  • Record yourself – practice reflective listening and get a personal feedback from your teachers.
Partha dasa & Utama dasi
Partha dasa & Utama dasi
The course is taught by Uttama dasi and Partha das, a well-known devotee couple and disciples of Srila Prabhupada who are members of the Grihastha Vision Team, a group of devotees from North America who are mostly professional counsellors and educators. https://vaisnavafamilyresources.org/en/

How To Study Online

The course has a scheduled starting and ending date and it lasts 5 weeks in total. In case you are not able to finish your coursework during the course itself, there are two additional weeks after the course is finished to catch up.

Twice during the course, Uttama and Partha prabhus offer a live Q&A session (not compulsory) with two slots during the day so you can choose the one that suits you better.

Each week, on Monday, students get access to different sets of materials and then have that week to go through the materials and do the assignments. All the lectures are pre-recorded and put on our learning platform along with other learning materials. There are no live lectures so students don’t need to be present online at a specific time but can watch the videos and study at their convenience. Students do need to set the time aside to dedicate to the course but it can be at the time that suits them.

A convenient feature of the lectures is that they are cut into small units dealing with one specific topic. So, whenever there is some free time, a student can use it to go through the topic, then continue with other activities and think about what has been said. This system is very practical for those who have busy lifestyles but it is also proving to be helpful for just anyone, helping to better focus on the most important points from the lectures.


Grihastha Course can be attended without any prerequisites.

The number of participants is limited, so register now!

  • Price: €99
  • Price for a couple: €159

Couples who register together for the course receive as a gift a half an hour session with Uttama and Partha prabhus! Please contact studentcare@bhaktivedantacollege.comm for more info.

By clicking the enrollment button, you will be required to create a profile on BCOC – Bhaktivedanta College Online Campus (if you don’t have one already) and then proceed with the payment.

When you pay for the couple option, please send the email addresses with which you registered at BCOC of both of you to studentcare@bhaktivedantacollege.comm so we can enrol you into the course.


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