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  • DATES: 09/05/2022 – 12/06/2022



  • LECTURES: 19 (20 VIDEOS)

  • PRICE: 99 EUR

Thousands of people are making the switch to a plant-based diet due to its health, social and environmental benefits. As with any dietary choice, balanced nutrition is essential in order to avoid some common conditions often associated with vegetarian or vegan diets. Learn how to do it with us!


Course Summary

Eating a plant-based diet offers countless benefits to one’s body and mind. People switch to plant-based diets for a wide range of reasons including health concerns; ecological concerns; religious reasons; ethical reasons; global concerns like food shortages and food security; or cultural standards. However, there are some common nutritional imbalances to watch out for which can lead to anaemia, protein deficiencies, unintended weight loss, poor immunity, brain fog, and digestive problems. This course will offer beginner and veteran vegetarians/vegans alike the tools required for thriving on a plant-based diet.

Weekly Schedule

This course is made of five weeks of teaching. Each week, the teacher is posting a question or a task to the discussion forum so that students can get a deeper understanding of presented topics. Participation in weekly discussions is optional but highly encouraged so students can get the full benefit of the presence of the teacher who is a highly qualified nutritionist and whom they can ask relevant questions.

Topics for this week include:
– Plant-based nutrition basics
– Essential Macronutrients
– Dairy Products
Topics for this week include:
– Vitamins
– Minerals
– Phytochemicals and probiotics
Topics for this week include:
– Common symptoms of imbalances in a plant-based diet
– Anaemia, weight loss, protein deficiencies
– Weight gain, digestive disorders
– Anxiety and depression
Topics for this week include:
– Heart disease
– Diabetes
– Digestion
Topics for this week include:
– Plant-based Cooking Tips
– Preparing the kitchen
– Planning the meals
– Tips for Switching to a Plant-based Diet


The course can be simply followed without any assessment.

Those who wish, can do the following assessment:

  • Two quizzes – based on multiple-choice and matching the pairs questions.
  • The quizzes are done online, at a time convenient for the student.


  • At the conclusion of the course, we offer a certificate certificate for the successful completion if a student got a minimum of 80% for both quizzes. A digital certificate is sent to the student’s email address upon request. Alternatively, if they wish so, students can receive a hard copy of the certificate to their home address. For more info, please contact us at studentcare@bhaktivedantacollege.comm.
Vrindavanesvari Radhika devi dasi (Dr. Wendy Romig), DCN
Vrindavanesvari Radhika devi dasi (Dr. Wendy Romig), DCN
Vrindavanesvari Radhika dd (Dr. Wendy Romig), DCN is a Doctor of Clinical Nutrition and owner of Sage Integrative Health Center in Philadelphia, PA, US, where she sees a wide range of chronic health issues using functional medicine, nutrition and herbal medicine. Wendy began her career in business, but soon realized an innate passion for natural health and nutrition leading her to study herbal medicine for four years under herbalist and ethnobotanist David Winston, RH(AHG) and nutrition for five years at Maryland University of Integrative Health where she achieved an MS in Integrative Nutrition and a Doctorate in Clinical Nutrition.

How To Study Online

Regular course:

The course has a scheduled starting and ending date and it lasts 5 weeks in total.

Each week, on Monday, students get access to different sets of materials and then have that week to go through the materials and do the assignments. All the lectures are pre-recorded and put on our learning platform along with other learning materials. There are no live lectures so students don’t need to be present online at a specific time but can watch the videos and study at their convenience. If they want to interact with the teacher and peers, students do need to set the time aside to dedicate to the course but it can be at the time that suits them.

Self-study course:

In the self-study mode, students can start and finish whenever they want as they immediately get access to all course materials. The teacher is available for answering questions once a week.


Intro to Plant-based diet course can be attended without any special prerequisites.

  • Price: €99

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