• DATES: 17/07/2024 – 14/08/2024



  • SCHEDULE: minimum 3 HRS PER DAY

  • PRICE: 2200 EUR

Course aims are to empower students to deepen their understanding of kirtan and to offer practical lessons in kirtan. It is done via three broader aims of education:

Aim 1 The philosophy, moods and skills for chanting the holy names.
Aim 2 The history and tradition of kirtan
Aim 3 The practice of kirtan: voice and instruments

Your teachers

Krishangi Lila

Vocals & Harmonium


Course Admin & Ensemble classes


Karatals & Harmonium

Kishor Gopal


Course Summary

By teaching participants to chant with the proper understanding (sambandha) and in the proper way (abhideya), we wish to empower them to chant with a genuine taste. Sambandha: The knowledge of who the object of kirtan is (Krishna) and who the person doing kirtan is (a soul, part of Krishna). This is the foundation of Krishna kirtan. When properly engaging in kirtan, one will taste love of Godhead on increasing levels. Abhideya: The means to attain the goal (prayojana) works only when properly executed. Therefore the first module will place a lot of emphasis on the right execution of kirtan. The taste for chanting is most important, so that the devotees continue to chant the holy names throughout their lives with increasing appreciation. The kirtan course aims to succeed by addressing this need to chant with genuine devotional taste. To this end it will hold workshops, scheduled kirtans before the Deities at Radhadesh, instructions on good japa, and talks (katha) about Krsna.

What can you expect to learn?

During this intense and immersive Kirtan Course you will be able to learn how to play basic rhythms on the Mrdanga (Khol) and Karatals (cymbals). On the harmonium you will learn how to sing according to your voice and play simple to more complex melodies. After having a basic knowledge of the instruments you will be guided in what we call ensemble classes, where you and your fellow students will be able to od kirtan under the expert guidance of our experience kirtan teachers.

Next to the instruments and practical knowledge, you will get theoretical backgrounds from acclaimed teachers, dedicated to helping you make an ancient connection with the roots of Kirtan.

And finally every single one of you will be leaving with the ability to lead and accompany a Kirtan. The progress is up to you! 80% of your learning depends on your input in practice and therefore the Kirtan course curriculum also accommodates plenty of practice hours for you.

Your approximate schedule

04:30-07:45 Temple program (optional)

07:45-08:45 Temple philosophy class (optional)

09:00-10:00 Breakfast with the Radhadesh Community

10:00-13:30 Ensemble Class

– and/or group classes with the instruments teachers

– and/or private classes with instruments teachers

13:30-15:00 Lunch break

15:00-18:00 Ensemble Class

-and/or group classes with the instruments teachers

-and/or private classes with instruments teachers

18:00-20:15 Free time (if required, time for services or practice)

20:15-21:15 Evening kirtan in the temple (students are expected to join in these daily evening sessions)

When visiting teachers are giving their seminars, the noon session is split in two parts:

10:00-11:00 Ensemble Class

11:00-13:30 Main Session with the visiting teacher


Price packages per person include:
1) tuition fee
2) accommodation (bedding included)
3) meals in the Radhadesh temple kitchen (breakfast and lunch).

By clicking ‘Apply’ you will be redirected to the page with the application form. Total number of students is limited to 13. We invite students to stay the night before the first day of the course as well as the night of the final day, both part of the package. Students are welcome to stay additional nights with catering, extra fees will apply.

Package 1 - Room

2,200Single room with shared bathroom

Package 2 - Studio

2,200Shared studio (kitchen and bathroom)

Package 3 - Apartment

2,200Shared apartment (bedroom, kitchen & dining, bathroom)


Kirtan Course – CAMPUS

17 July @ 08:00 - 14 August @ 17:00

Sanskrit Unveiled: An introduction to Sanskrit – CAMPUS

29 August @ 08:00 - 2 September @ 17:00

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