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Sri Isopanisad

26 June - 20 August

Kirtan Course

19 July - 16 August

The Nectar Of Instruction

21 August - 16 October

The Nectar of Devotion

16 October - 25 December

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Bhaktivedanta College Blog

“Gardening the Hearts”

Bhaktivedanta College, guided by Krishna-bhakti, provides education that nurtures students’ devotional, academic and vocational potential for the welfare of all.


Bhaktivedanta College is an international institution serving the educational needs of ambitious, spiritually minded students. For this purpose the College pursues six ideals:

1. Courage and Purpose
2. Student Wellbeing
3. Spiritually Integrated Learning
4. Academic and Professional Excellence
5. Moral and Spiritual Maturity
6. Collaborative Partnership

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