Registration to the complete Bhakti Sastri PLUS program


Bhakti-sastri course is always going on, with 6 modules in total, one after another. It is possible to enroll at any time and continue from the next scheduled module or just take one module (or more) of your choice as each one is independent from the rest of the modules.

Registration to the complete Bhakti Sastri PLUS program

We are offering the possibility to study full Bhakti Sastri PLUS program:

  1. Create account on Bhaktivedanta College Online Campus (BCOC).
  2. Fill in the Bhakti Sastri PLUS registration form.
  3. Pay the Paypal fee (link below).


Registration into the Bhakti Sastri PLUS program brings number of benefits:

  • a tuition-fee deduction of 15% (paying €505, instead of €594)
  • each module can be studied according to one’s preference in a maximum period of two years (two consecutive postponing possible)
  • one can immediately take the Disciples Course online
  • after meeting criteria for receiving a Bhakti Sastri degree, one can automatically continue with the Bhakti Sastri PLUS and take one TRS module free of charge
  • after receiving a Bhakti Sastri degree, one gets deduction of 15% for Bhaktivaibhava module (paying €339 instead of €399). This is applicable for those enrolled into BS+ after December 2015
  • Bhakti Sastri graduates can apply for the BA in Theology and Religious Study (TRS) without paying the application fee of €50.
  • As a special gift we will immediately send you two breathtaking audio CDs recorded by the Bhaktivedanta College students!


Once you register you will be automatically enrolled in the next Disciples Course and all upcoming Bhakti Sastri modules.