Where We Are

Bhaktivedanta College is situated in the verdant Ardennes region of Belgium, in one of the most attractive and popular holiday areas, an hour’s drive south-east of the national capital. Brussels itself is a major transport hub, approximately two hours from Paris, London, and Frankfurt.

The closest town is historic Durbuy, locally described as “the smallest city in the world”; one hour away is the medieval city of Leuven (Louvain), home to the world’s oldest Catholic university, and two hours of drive separates us from Bruges, Belgian Venice world famous for its perfectly preserved medieval architecture.

The College campus lies adjacent to the picturesque Radhadesh Chateau de Petite Somme, home to a thriving ISKCON community of bhakti yogis. It houses a gorgeous Radha-Krishna shrine, renowned for its high standards of puja (worship) and kirtan (musical meditation). The castle also offers other facilities, such as the Museum of Sacred Art, a vegetarian restaurant and cafeteria, a retreat centre, an exotic boutique, a promenade trail on the wooded estate, and a traditional bakery. Radhadesh is a vibrant community where many retreats, courses, and cultural festivals are held.

With its scenic, secluded environment, the campus is ideal for study, research, meditation, and reflection.

How To Reach Us

The closest train stations to Radhadesh are Barvaux, 10 minutes by car, and Marloie, 25 minutes by car. Please write or call us in advance so we can arrange your pickup with someone from the community for an additional fee (more info below). Please use www.belgiantrain.be to find a suitable connection from anywhere in Belgium.

  • From Brussels
    For Marloie you might be able to find direct connections, for Barvaux there are usually some intermediate stops. The price for a train from Brussels to Marloie is around 17 euros and to Barvaux around 20 euros. When searching for a suitable connection on the above-mentioned website, make sure you check if the connection is direct or you need to change trains.
  • From Liege
    The price for the train from Liege to Barvaux is around 7 euro and it takes less than one hour with the direct train line. As Marloie is further away from Barvaux, it is not a suitable train station to travel to when starting from Liege.Belgian railways offer the possibility to immediately buy 10 rides that can be used for any distance within Belgium for a discounted price. More info here: www.belgiantrain.be/en/tickets-and-railcards/railpass
  • Eurostar trains from/to the UK
    The best and usually least expensive way to travel to or from the UK is by Eurostar (https://www.eurostar.com/). To get the best prices (around 100 euro for a return ticker), book well in advance. When you book online, make sure to choose the ‘Any Belgian Station’ option. More info here: www.eurostar.com

There are two airports near Brussels:
• Brussels International or Brussels Zaventem (BRU) which is close to Brussels’s city center
• Brussels South or Brussels Charleroi (CRL) which is 67 kilometers south of Brussels

Brussels International airport has a train station in the basement so it is easy to catch a connection. Please see the section on train travel. If you wish to be picked up at the airport, please see the section below on pick up. Traveling from the Brussels airport always requires buying a Diabolo ticket! More info here: https://www.belgiantrain.be/en/tickets-and-railcards/airports/diabolo-fee

To reach us from the Brussels South airport is only possible by arranging someone to pick you up. Before the pandemic, there was a bus that had a line directly to the nearest town but for the time being, this line was suspended.

Other airports within the closer range are:
• Eindhoven (EIN, Netherlands)
• Luxembourg (LUX, Luxembourg)
• Cologne (CGN, Germany)

If you would like us to help you with coming to Radhadesh, please contact us at secretary@bhaktivedantacollege.com well before your travel starts (at least two days prior) to arrange.

Pick-up prices are:

  • Zaventem Airport – 70 euros
  • Charleroi Airport – 60 euros
  • Luxembourg Airport – 90 euros
  • Liege – 30 euros
  • Namur – 35 euros
  • Marloie – 13 euros
  • Barvaux – 6 euros

For other destinations, please check in advance what would be the price of the pickup.

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