Advanced Studies

Courses in this category are meant for those who wish to go deeper into different aspects of their practice of bhakti-yoga.

Be Compassionate, deepen your spiritual practice and discover your talents


Holy Name Immersion with HH Sacinandana Swami – CAMPUS

The Holy Name Immersion will help you take further steps in improving your chanting, both in Japa and Kirtan and thereby connecting with the Lord on a deeper level. Your experience will be enhanced in the association of devotees and kirtan lovers who are eager to relish the sweet taste of Krishna’s names.


Bhagavata Purana – ONLINE Self Study

This module takes the Bhagavata Purana, sacred literature foundational to the Vaishnava tradition and approaches it from several different angles, including the contemporary scholarship. Such an approach fosters our attempts to understand the Bhagavatam as something to be presented to others in the wider world, in the contemporary world.

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